Do you already know that you'll put on some extra pounds during the holiday season? After all, who can turn down the decadent desserts that will be offered at holiday events? And what about those delectable homemade cookies that neighbors will deliver? If you aren't already a member of a gym, you might have decided that you'll start your exercise program right at the beginning of the year. From choosing a gym that offers child day care services to selecting a friend to go with you, here are some ideas that might help you.

Pick a Gym

Do you have children or even just one child who is not in school yet? Don't let that stop you from joining a gym where you can get back into shape and where you can get healthier. Make some calls or visits to different gyms in your area to find out which ones offer childcare while you are exercising. There will more than likely be an additional charge, but don't you think the extra money spent will be worth it? You'll have the peace of mind that your little one is right in the same building where you are doing your work out. And, think of how convenient it will be not to make an extra stop to deliver your child to a friend or a family member before you go to the gym. 

Pick a Friend

Have you ever heard that you'll be more successful at an exercise program by planning it with a friend? Consider friends of yours that will be consistent about attending exercise classes or working on their own in a gym. By doing this, you can cheer each other on, making sure that you will both do whatever is needed to maintain a good exercise program. And, while you're picking a friend to exercise with you, think of asking a friend who has a child the same age as your little boy or your little girl. That will just mean that your own child will have a buddy to go to day care with him or her. The very best part of having day care at your gym is that you'll know that those who watch over your child will keep him or her entertained and that your child will have other children to play with. The background of the day care workers will have been carefully checked, so you know that your children will be with caregivers that are safe and that are good with children.