Have you decided to get a brand new bike seat, but are not sure where to set the height? It helps to have it set to the right height so that your legs extend properly for each pedal stroke. Here are some tips for setting the height correctly. 

Why Seat Height Is Important

You need to know why the set height matters so much when riding a bicycle. If the seat is too low, it is going to cause you to pedal inefficiently and be uncomfortable for you over long rides. If the seat is too high, you are going to underuse your glutes and put more stress on your hamstrings and quads. This can also lead to you forming a knee injury over time.

Get An Inseam Measurement

Getting a measurement of your inseam is the first step to setting the right height on your bicycle seat. With your shoes off and standing flat on the floor, place a large book between your legs as if it was your bike seat. Use someone's assistance to mark the height of the top of the book, and then measure from the floor to that mark. You should then subtract 4 inches from this measurement to give you a good starting position. 

Loosen The Bolt Connecting The Seat

The next step is to loosen the seat post that is attached to the bike. This can be done with a quick-release handle or a hex wrench, depending on the kind of seat that you have. It's also a good idea to clean up the seat post at this time, making sure to remove grease from it so that it does not get on your clothes. 

Adjust The Seat Height

You want to take that adjusted inseam measurement to put your seat at the right height. You will take a measurement from the bolt that connects the bottom of the pedal to the gears, and measure upward to the top of the seat. You will then tighten the clamp around the seat post to lock it in place. 

Check The Seat Height

The best way to check the seat height is to sit down and give it a try. As you are fully sitting on the seat, your leg should be fully extended on the pedal when it is in its lowest position. If your knee is bent then you need to move the seat higher. Once you have the seat in the right position, mark the seat position by putting a piece of tape around the seat post.  

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