A rebounder is a small trampoline that you use indoors for exercise. You can use it with a handrail for added balance or without one if you don't want it getting in your way. By continuously jumping up and down and incorporating different movements, you will burn lots of calories and strengthen multiple muscles in your body. 

Here are some of the most significant benefits of using a rebounder for exercise.

Rebounding Is Fun

If you want to find an exercise you will continue doing for a long time, it should be something you enjoy. Rebounding is fun—everyone loves jumping on a trampoline—so you're more likely to continue using your rebounder than other exercise equipment. 

Lots of Different Exercises

You can do lots of different exercises on your rebounder. You can do double-leg jumps, single-leg jumps, various squats, incorporate arm movements, etc. If you get bored with a particular exercise, just search online for new ideas, as there is an endless supply of them. 

It Won't Take up a Lot of Space

You can typically take your rebounder apart to store it under your bed, in a closet, etc., and it won't take up much space. When ready for your next workout, you can take it out and put it back together in minutes. It's easy to do and usually doesn't require any tools, so you won't have any excuse to stop using it.  

They're Inexpensive

Compared to other exercise equipment, rebounders are inexpensive. It's nice to buy a workout system for your home without spending ridiculous money on it—some exercise equipment costs thousands of dollars. It's also an affordable alternative to purchasing a gym membership. 

They're Quieter than You Think

You may be worried that if you use a rebounder, it will be really loud, and your whole house will shake. Luckily, this isn't the case, and they're actually really quiet if you buy the right one. Rebounders that use springs are slightly louder than ones that use bungees, but you can find versions of both types that don't make too much noise. 

Burn Calories and Build Strength

The best part about using a rebounder is it actually works and will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you use it, you will burn lots of calories and strengthen muscles throughout your body. The muscles you strengthen depends on your specific exercises, but you can get a full body workout if that's what you want.

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