Some people are blessed with the ability to self-motivate. They set a goal and with no outside help, they achieve that goal. Others, well, motivation is harder to find. Have you been struggling to create a new way of life, like a healthier, happier life? Here, you'll find a few things that can help you get yourself on the path of personal improvement even when your own motivational skills are lacking.

Find a Personal Fitness Trainer

If you have a gym membership, how often do you actually go? Do you have home-gym equipment sitting there holding your laundry? Your inability to motivate yourself requires more than just access to equipment. You need someone to push you from one step to the next. Scheduling appointments to work with a trainer will do two things, including to give you a reason to get up and go, and to teach you how to use the equipment properly and effectively.

Create a Personal Reward System

Sometimes, the simplest reward system can go a long way in motivating one to keep up with their fitness goals. Think about what makes you feel best. It could be a one-hour massage, a new part for your car, or a shopping spree. You know what you'd work hardest for, and that should be your reward.

Set a goal, when you reach it, reward yourself. With each goal that's met, create a new one with an even better reward.

Start a Victory Fund

One of the best things that you can do for yourself once you reach your main goal is to head off on the vacation of your dreams. Start putting money away so that when you reach that final goal, you can book the vacation that you'll remember for the rest of your life. It could be a beach vacation, the ultimate hunting trip, touring Italy – your dream vacation is your reward for you working hard enough to make your personal fitness and health a priority enough to reach the goal you had set.

Eventually, things might get easier when it comes to self-motivation. Your days will become more routine and it will be more difficult for you to find reasons to back out of it. Hopefully, you'll succeed and you'll reach each goal with few or no setbacks. Work with personal fitness trainers and discuss what you hope to achieve during your training. In the end, it's you who will reap the rewards of these changes.