CrossFit is about smashing goals, not cute workout outfits and socializing. The no-nonsense gym program is known for intense workouts and killer reps, but it is also known for being bare bones. There are no fancy treadmills or rowing machines, just you and some hardcore training. It is a stripped down version of the gym you are used to. That said, there are a few pieces of gear that are essential for your success in your WOD (workout of the day).

1. Good Shoes: No matter what you do, from weight training to running a 10-minute mile, you need a quality pair of shoes when you exercise. CrossFit requires shoes that offer both stability and traction so you can transition easily between lifting and running, and back again.

2. Velcro Weight Belts: If you plan on rolling in "beast mode" when you deadlift, you will need a supportive weight belt. There are many options on the market, but velcro weight belts are the better choice. The velcro allows the athlete to quickly adjust the weight belt as need while moving through the WOD. Nothing should distract from achieving a PR (personal record) and ringing the bell.

3. Tape: Those who have spent time "inside the box" know that a good tape for your hands is key to avoiding tears on your palms from heavy weights. A good weight lifting tape is sticky enough to stay put, but also allergen- and latex-free.

4. Wrist Wraps: Your poor hands really take a beating with CrossFit, but it is all worth it when you can write your score up on "The Board" at the end of a particularly tough WOD. Wrist wraps, similar to an ace bandage, help your hands by supporting your wrists during weight lifting.

5. Jump Rope: While every CrossFit location has plenty of weights and kettlebells to use, you may want to bring your own jump rope. The dreaded double unders that every new member must master are rough. Having your own jump rope allows you to practice your technique with the same rope every time, increasing your chances of success.

6. Attitude: Bring your attitude, your chutzpah, and your die-hard grit. You are gonna need it. CrossFit is not for the faint of heart.

Working out with the right gear makes everything easier, safer, and more enjoyable. If you choose to try CrossFit, this is what you will need.