If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you've got a perfect venue for a wide range of exercises that you can use to improve your physical health. While it can be fun to sit around the pool and socialize with family and friends, you should never overlook the fitness benefits that the water can provide. There are several full-body exercises that you can perform in the pool, either by yourself or with other fitness-minded individuals. Here are three exercises to which you should devote some time if you're keen on burning calories and building muscle.


Swimming might be the first water exercise that crosses your mind, and with good reason. This is a highly effective full-body exercise that can significantly improve your health. A swimming workout doesn't need to be complicated — start at one end of the pool, and swim back and forth for a set number of laps. If you're new to this type of workout, you may need to take things slowly. For example, depending on the length of your pool, you might aim for five consecutive laps. Eventually, you'll find that hitting this goal is easy, which can mean that it's time to go for more consecutive laps. Different strokes can be fun to try, but every swimming stroke will work your entire body.

Water Aerobics

A lot of people visit their community aquatic centers for water aerobics classes, but you can enjoy this full-body exercise if you have a pool in your yard. The key to any water aerobics class is to move at an elevated tempo for a specific duration. For example, you might play a song on a wireless speaker next to your pool and endeavor to jog in place, do jumping jacks, or perform some other type of movement for the entirety of the song. Aerobics classes can be fun with friends, so consider inviting some people you know who are keen on getting fitter.


If you want a fun pool activity that you can enjoy with your children, tag can be a game to try. While you might think of tag more as a game than an exercise, the reality is that it gets the entire body moving like many other aerobic activities. Additionally, the resistance of the water makes your body work harder than when you're on land. During the game, players can swim, run, jump, and otherwise move around the pool as they attempt to avoid the player who is "it."

Exercise doesn't have to be something you dread each day. Find the activities you love, then make them work for you!