If you are ready to take your health seriously, it makes sense to start with some fitness goals. Goals can be really motivating and can help you stick to your new exercise commitment. When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Tip #1: Create Mini-Goals

You need to feel like you are working towards and achieving your goals, which is why it is essential to set mini-goals that align with your big goal. For example, if your goal is to lose twenty pounds, you should set mini goals of losing five pounds, ten pounds, fifteen pounds, and then your ultimate goal of twenty pounds. Or if your goal is to run a ten-minute mile, and you are currently running a sixteen-minute mile, set mini-goals for knocking a minute off your mile, and set mini-goals around how frequently and how much you run.

Setting mini-goals will allow you to feel like you are making progress toward your big goal and will allow you to celebrate the milestones you hit on the way to your big goals. A personal trainer can help you come up with mini-goals that will help you reach your ultimate goal. They will offer you a countercheck about how realistic your goals are and how to break them up.

Tip #2: Don't Compare Yourself

With health goals, it can be easy to compare yourself to other people in your life. However, that is not a helpful habit to get into, as everyone has different bodies and different abilities. Work not to compare yourself to other people; work to keep improving upon your own personal bests. You should be competing with yourself, not with others, when it comes to improving your health. That is the best way to achieve your goals.

Tip #3: Be Accountable to Yourself

Next, you need to be accountable to yourself. When working with a personal trainer, you will only spend a few hours a week with them. Your training is going to be able to provide you with motivation and feedback to help you achieve your goals. However, you will need to spend time outside of the hours you spend with your trainer working towards your goals. You need to hold yourself accountable.

You can do this by setting up a schedule for when you work out. You can provide yourself with rewards each week for following through on all your activities. For example, you could reward yourself with a movie night or with new workout clothing. Find ways to be accountable to yourself.

When it comes to meeting personal fitness goals, you need to set mini-goals that allow you to track your progress to your big goals. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, and be accountable to yourself. Work with your personal trainer to establish your goals and create a reasonable workout schedule you can stick to. For more information, find a private fitness training program.