Do you often envision yourself participating in a vigorous fitness program but then quickly retract and return to laying around your home and turning to food for comfort? It may seem out of reach to achieve a body that is healthy and fit, but if you change your mindset and stick to the new gameplan, you will be amazed by your personal achievements.

Explore Your Feelings And Take The Plunge

A negative situation that occurred in your life may have been the catalyst that resulted in your seeking comfort in food. Take the time to explore your feelings and put those emotions into perspective to determine what is causing you to be hesitant about starting a fitness regimen.

Did you experience any trauma in your life, such as the death of a loved one or pet or the loss of a friendship or a job? Were you dumped by your significant other and haven't come to terms with the breakup? These types of situations can cause you to feel empty and lonely, and you may even think that you are undeserving of a happy life.

Shake these feelings off by doing something good for yourself. First, sign up for a beginner aerobics class at a fitness center. Even if you feel embarrassed or skeptical about joining a class, remember that everyone else who will be in the class is virtually in the same situation as you. Upbeat music will be played during the classes, which will lift your spirits and keep you motivated. 

Keep Busy By Improving Your Domain

The hours after each aerobic class ends may feel as if they are dragging if you don't have any activities to keep you busy. Tending to your flower or vegetable garden, repainting the walls in some of the rooms in your home, or washing your car are some great ways to keep your mind and body active.

Each of these fitness activities will also boost your metabolism so that you continue to shed pounds and firm up flabby parts of your body. Don't be concerned about completing a particular project by a specific date.

Each improvement project can take as long as you need, and it will actually be more beneficial to you if some of the activities take a long time to finish because you will be active for long durations. You will feel self-satisfaction once the upgrades have been performed and your body shape has drastically improved because of the effort that you have made.