When you become a member at a fitness center in your area, you'll want to spend some time getting acquainted with the various pieces of equipment that you can use to improve your physical fitness. You'll find a large selection of stationary bicycles at virtually every fitness center, and hopping on one of these bikes to pedal is a good way to burn calories and build muscle. There are all sorts of ways to approach a stationary bicycle workout. You may find that you gravitate toward one particular method, or that you enjoy varying your workouts. Here are three stationary bicycle workouts to try.


One way to approach your stationary bicycle workout is to complete a lengthy ride. Prolonged workouts of this nature can help to build your endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Set a goal for either how long you wish to ride or how many virtual miles you wish to complete. Fitness centers' stationary bicycles have screens that monitor this information, so whether you want to ride for 60 minutes or complete 10 miles, you'll be able to easily track your progress. Over time, you'll likely see improvements in how far you can ride in a certain amount of time.


Another way to use a stationary bicycle at your fitness center is for sprints. A sprint ride is short, so people often combine it with other forms of exercise. In a sprint ride, you'll pedal at a very high rate of speed for just a short amount of time. For example, you might pedal as hard as you can for just a minute. You can then hop off the bicycle and immediately start a different workout, such as lifting weights. Repeating this type of pattern keeps your heart rate elevated, which will strengthen it.


Many people ride intervals on their stationary bicycles. This term means that you'll alternate between speeds. For example, you might ride at a moderate speed for several minutes, and then at a faster speed for a minute. After the fast interval, you'll go back to the moderate speed, which will allow you to partially recover. Lots of stationary bicycles have interval settings that adjust the resistance of the pedals. You'll pedal with relative ease for a period of time, and then have to use more energy to turn the pedals for a short interval. Learn more about stationary bicycle workouts at your local fitness center.